Hiroshima Rekishi-no-mieru-oka-koen Park

This park rests on a hilltop in Mitarai District. Guests who climb to the top of the observatory can admire the city views, and catch a glimpse of the many historical buildings (dating back to the Edo Period), the Kurushima Straits, and the Shikoku mountain range. Visitors can also enjoy the seasonal scenery along the sidewalks leading to the park. During peak seasons, cherry blossoms, and mikan (tangerine) groves can be quite beautiful. At the "Shio Machi Kan," which acts as the tourist base for the Mitarai District, visitors can ask for a sightseeing guide, visit the souvenir shop, or stop by the cafe.

Basic Infomation

  • Address
    Mitarai, Yutaka-machi, Kure-shi, Hiroshima
  • Tel
    +81-823-67-2278(Yutaka Town Tourism Association)
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