Photo: Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamaguchi Shimonoseki Shunpanro Main Restaurant

This guesthouse has a 130 year history, and specializes in the delicacy Fugu or blowfish. Fugu was especially loved by Ito Hirofumi, the first prime mintester of Japan, he was the one to name the shop Shunpanro. The guesthouse offers accomodations with views overlooking the Kanmon Straits. On the top floor it also features a "Mikado-no-ma" or "Emperors Room. " This room is a reproduction of the room in which Emperor Hirohito and his emperess stayed.

Basic Infomation

  • Address
    4-2 Amidaiji-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi
  • Hours
    16:00 - 22:00(Final Check-in: 18:00)
  • Tel
  • Website
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