Hiroshima Kagura Monzen Tojimura

This village complex allows visitors to enjoy the unique Japanese culture in Midori Town, Akitakata City. In addition to the natural hotspring spas only a day trip away, and the two Japanese-style ryokans, there are many shops where visitors can enjoy food unique to Japan, such as tofu, pickled vegetables, rice cakes, and bento lunch boxes. There is a Kagura (a Shinto theatrical dance based on traditional folklore) theater which can accomodate around 2000 people. Regular Kagura performances are held during the weekends more than 150 days a year.

Basic Infomation

  • Address
    4627 Hongo, Midori-cho, Akitakata-shi, Hiroshima
  • Hours
    Inn in 16:00 out 10:00
    Gonbei 11:00-22:00
    Fukusuke 11:00-21:00
    Kura 9:00-18:00
    *Need checking as it depends on each shop.
  • Closed
    Needs checking as it depends on each shop
  • Tel
  • Website
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