Terms of Use

Last updated: 7th December, 2017

Terms of use

  1. SETOUCHI Tourism Authority
    SETOUCHI Tourism Authority (hereafter, the Authority) is an organisation that, based on cooperation between private and government sectors, aims to establish the Setouchi brand through strategic engagement in various ventures, revitalize the local economy through promotion of tourism-related industries by expanding the interaction of the local population, and realize an affluent regional community, so that people both globally and domestically recognize Setouchi as Japan’s new, leading and diverse tourist destination, and visit time and again.
  2. Purpose and application of the Terms of Use
    These terms of use apply to the Setouchi information service (hereafter, our Service) provided by the Authority and defines the relationship between our SNS Sites like Facebook Pages or websites(hereafter, our Sites) operated by the Authority in order to provide this Service, the terms that must be observed by all customers who use our Sites, and the Authority. The Authority may also modify these Terms without prior or post notice. All modifications will be posted on our Sites, and by continuing to access or use our Service after we have posted a modification to these Terms, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Terms. Further, accompanying the above Terms of Use, stipulations for separate terms (hereafter, Separate Terms) may be set. In this case, the Separate Terms will be treated as a part of these Terms, and in case of any conflicts between these Terms and the Separate Terms, the Separate Terms shall take precedence over these Terms
  3. Recommended Environment for this Site
    In order to ensure safer and more comfortable use of this website, we have confirmed display and operational verification using the following browsers (as of December 7. 2017). The site may not perform properly in environments other than those noted below. Please understand that even when the recommended environment is in place, your browser or device settings and installed software may prevent correct viewing.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later Mozilla Firefox latest version Google Chrome latest version
    Safari latest version Mozilla Firefox latest version Google Chrome latest version
    [Apple iOS ]
    Mobile Safari iOS8 or later [Google Android] Google Chrome latest version
  4. Regarding suspension of service
    The Authority may stop this Service without notice due to maintenance of the Service, system, design, and/or other modifying work. Further, services may also similarly be stopped temporarily or permanently due to failure or maintenance of systems required for the operation of our Service, as well as accidents and natural disasters. In such cases, the Authority will hold no responsibility for any and all liability relating thereto.
  5. The handling of personal information
    The Authority is deeply aware of the importance of personal information on our Service, consider its thorough protection our greatest responsibility, and the Authority adheres to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all related laws and regulations for you to use our Service with confidence. For settings, security and privacy of your information, please refer to the following pages. https://www.setouchi.travel/en/privacy-policy/
  6. Regarding Prohibited Acts
    The following acts are not permitted by users of this service:
    •Breaking the Terms of Use
    •Criminal acts or acts contrary to public order
    •Aiding or inciting criminal acts
    •Falsifying information posted on our Service
    •Using our Service while impersonating another
    •Sending computer viruses or other harmful programs
    •Deliberately putting a heavy load on the system
    •Infringing on the intellectual property rights, privacy, reputation, trust, and other rights of the Authority, users of our Service, product manufacturers, or third parties
    •Profiting from our Service without permission of the Authority
    •Soliciting and advertising activities for unrelated groups or services
    •Slandering the Authority, users our Service, product manufacturers, or third parties
    •Posting false, misleading, or inaccurate information about our Service
    •Posting child pornography, indecent materials, using discriminatory language, and other things deemed unacceptable on our Service
    •Posting violent or grotesque words or images as well as posting words or images that make other users feel uncomfortable
    •Other acts deemed unacceptable by the Authority In the event of one or more of the above prohibited acts being found, the Authority will, without prior notice, suspend the service of the user(s) concerned, delete the corresponding information, comment, etc., or carry out any other action deemed necessary. Furthermore, the appropriate legal action will be taken as necessary, including providing information to relevant ministries, agencies, or public authorities.
  7. Copyright/Intellectual property rights
    The copyright and any other intellectual property related rights to the information (including images, videos, text, photographs, programs, etc.) of our Service as well as our Sites are granted only to the Authority or rights holders authorized by the Authority.
  8. Citing articles and others
    To cite contents from our website, please follow Article 32 of the Copyright Act. Following cases are not acceptable except gaining the consent of the Authority.
    •Cited parts are the major information instead of the additional information.
    •Major contents are consisting of the cited parts.
    •Contents are different or changed from the cited parts.
    •Original contents and cited parts are not divided clearly.
    •Cited parts are not cited properly for coverage, criticism, research, and others.
    * Regarding the specific rules for citation, follow the rule to cite contents.
  9. Regarding compensation for damages
    In cases of users, viewers, etc. of our Service in violation of these Terms or who have caused harm or loss to the Authority or a third party, the Authority will request compensation for damages from relevant parties.
  10. The validity of this agreement
    Even if part of these Terms are rendered invalid under judgment of law, the other provisions under these Terms will remain valid. If a part of these Terms are rendered invalid for a specific user or legal entity, for other users and legal entities, the Terms will remain in effect. The Consumer Contract Act (2000, Article No. 61) Article 2 Paragraph 3 regarding consumer contracts shall not be applied to these or other terms and conditions where the Authority is immune from liability. In such cases, if damages occur for a user, due to the Authority ‘s default or illegal act, the Authority will be held liable with the maximum compensation limit being the direct amount of damages the user has sustained.
  11. Regarding applicable law and court jurisdiction
    These Terms are applicable under Japanese law, and should be interpreted as such. If any dispute between the Authority, users, as well as product manufacturers arises, the Hiroshima District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

For any further inquiries, send a message to this Page or send an e-mail to the underwrittenaddress: info@setouchitourism.or.jp
* Please understand that, based on the content of the inquiry, there may be cases where an answer cannot be provided.

Rules to Cite the Contents
To cite images, movies, contents and others from our website, please observe the following rules.

  1. Use “ ” for the cited parts.
    Make sure to clarify the cited link and parts for readers.
  2. Specify and link URL of the cited article.
    Specify the name of our website “Setouchi Trip,” our front page (https://www.setouchi.travel/en/), and URL of the cited articles. (*Note that URL of the articles might be deleted or changed without notice.)
  3. Do NOT modify, rewrite, or delete contents.
    It is important to cite the contents as the original contents. Please note that you will violate the law (Right to Maintain Integrity) by modifying or corrupting the contents without permission.

※Please contact us via e-mail info@setouchitourism.or.jp in advance regarding citation. (Please contact us as well if you wish to link our website without citing any information.)

Be sure to follow the Terms of Use regarding rules and regulations on copyright and others.