Okayama Kurashiki Night Foodie Tour

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

Enjoy local Okayama cuisine and Japanese food in Kurashiki

The mercantile town of Kurashiki, a shogunal domain, prospered in the Edo period as a town of white walls and culture. Here, the streets of the Bikan historical quarter still retain a strong sense of old-fashioned ambience, and you can enjoy the white-walled mansions, the Edo-style architecture of the town, and the rows of willow trees along the Kurashiki River in any season. A friendly local guide will show you around the Bikan historical quarter in Kurashiki.

Enjoy local Okayama cuisine and unique local Japanese food in a place that gives you a sense of what Japan was like in days gone by.

Stroll through the Bikan historical quarter and enjoy the local Okayama dish of mamakari

After gathering at Kurashiki Station, we will head toward the Bikan historical quarter. Take photos while looking at the historical buildings, and before long we’ll arrive at the first restaurant. Here, we will enjoy the local Okayama dish of mamakari with an Okayama specialty, yellow chives!

Enjoy Japanese food and local sake at a local izakaya

The second restaurant offers a variety of Japanese dishes, including oden and saikyo-yaki (grilled fish marinated with miso). Enjoy classic Japanese food paired with local Okayama sake.

Dessert time at a stylish café with a retro feel

The third store is a café with antique interior surroundings. Here, you can enjoy freshly made smoothies, as well as cakes and more. It's the perfect place to unwind after dinner!