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4 World Heritages

Out of the nineteen world heritage sites in Japan, you can see four in Setouchi. Beautiful Himeji Castle in glistening white (Hyogo prefecture), the Atomic Bomb Dome that makes us think about the preciousness of peace, Itsukushima Shinto Shrine (Miyajima/Hiroshima prefecture) that is characterized by the vermilion torii gate, and Industrial Heritage Sites in Hagi (Yamaguchi Prefecture) that are counted as one of the legacies of the industrial revolution in Japan, and every one of them is a place worth visiting at least once. (As of November 2016)

The Catch of Oyster

The catch is 1,641 tons in Setouchi, which is about 76% of the oyster catch in Japan. The oyster catch in Hiroshima prefecture is the largest in Japan. You can see the scenery of Kaki Ikada (Oyster rafts) to culture oysters floating on the ocean along the coast. Kakioko, okonomiyaki (pancake with various ingredients) in which oysters from Hinase City in Okayama Prefecture, is also very popular. Please enjoy large oysters with the rich taste in Setouchi!

Types of Citrus Fruits

About 49 types of citrus fruits are grown in Setouchi. In Setouchi where the rate of fine days is high and the climate is warm, many types of citrus fruits, including mandarins, lemons, sudachi, are harvested and distributed all over Japan. They are delicious on their own, but many processed products such as juice, jam, seasoning, etc., are produced that are good for souvenirs.

Number of Sake Breweries

Setouchi has about 275 sake breweries. Two of the three major sake brewery sites in Japan are in Setouchi and Nada in Kobe (Hyogo prefecture) and Saijo in Higashi-Hiroshima (Hiroshima prefecture) are dotted with sake breweries popular among sake lovers. Delicious water is important in brewing sake, and Setouchi is characterized by the fact that there are many satisfactory sake breweries.

National Parks

900,000 ha, the largest in Japan, Setouchi is the first designated national park in Japan. Its area is too broad to be called as a park with over 900,000 ha in total area including its water area and is the largest area among the designated national parks. You will never get tired of looking at the scenery of the calm ocean surface and floating islands there, attracting many tourists from home and abroad.

Climate in Setouchi

Setouchi is characterized by the high rate of fine days throughout the year. Mountains on the Shikoku side during summer and on the main island side during winter (Chugoku region) block seasonal winds that make rain difficult. Climate is relatively warm among other areas in Japan and is said to be appropriate for sightseeing.

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