Okayama A tour to enjoy Bizen-ware pottery and the most delicious beer and coffee you've ever tried

Last updated: 17 March, 2022

A hands-on tour to learn about and make Bizen-ware pottery, one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns

Bizen, one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, has been famous for pottery since ancient times, and even today, it is home to ascending kilns built in the Edo period. There are about 70 stores here that sell Bizen-ware pottery. Bizen-ware, which boasts strong clay textures, is one of the most popular types of pottery. On this cultural tour, you will hear about the characteristics, history, and fine details of Bizen-ware directly from the artisans at the Bizen kilns, and then finally craft your own one-of-a-kind Bizen-ware pottery (cup or plate).

Comparing coffee in a café using Bizen-ware versus ordinary cups

In order to understand the appeal of Bizen-ware, we will first compare the same cup of coffee with and without using Bizen-ware. We hope you enjoy the distinctive characteristics of Bizen-ware pottery.

Lecture on the fascinating aspects of Bizen-ware pottery by an artist from this historical pottery producer

After experiencing the wonders of Bizen-ware pottery, you will be given a tour of the kilns and an explanation of the pottery-making process directly from artists here.

After learning about Bizen-ware pottery, make your very own Bizen-ware pottery!

After watching and learning about Bizen-ware pottery, you can actually try your hand at making it. Create a great souvenir of your trip with your own one-of-a-kind Bizen-ware plate or cup.