Tokushima Iya valley by foldable bikes

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Iya valley by foldable bikes

Because of its steep mountain sides and unfavorable geography, Iya Valley, in the heart of Shikoku island, remains one of the most unexplored and somewhat inhospitable places in Japan. This makes it the ideal destination for nature lovers looking for pristine rivers, wild natural landscapes and Japanese traditional villages.

The small foldable bikes you will be using during this tour are ideal to take you to the most scenic places as well as to be carried on local buses, in order to make the most of your time during the tour.

Landscapes that feel unexplored

One of the most interesting views is the old Kazurabashi bridge, made by ropes, which used to connect the two sides of the valley in ancient times, when the Iya valley was first settled. This bridge is a real wonder of engineering for being so simple and light and yet so resistant.

Brompton folding bikes

Brompton bikes used in this tour are stylish small foldable bikes that are fun and covenient to use in this kind of terrain: ride easily on Iya valley's roads as well as quickly fold them to hop on local buses.

Enjoy the backstreets

Beyond the main tourist sights, your Brompton bikes will take you to small local roads with plenty of chances to interact with local people and to experience the real daily life of Iya Valley.