Hiroshima A spiritual retreat in the middle of the mountains: zen monastery experience

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Relax and detox your mind at a monastery in the middle of nature

Take a break to relax and detox at Koshin-ji, a beautiful large temple surrounded by mountains. The area offers magnificent natural sceneries throughout all seasons, from the flower blooming in Spring, to the fresh greenery of early Summer and the stunning Autumn foliage season of October and November.

You will be the only visitor during your stay, granting you unparalleled access to the many activities offered: wear a samu -Buddhist monk simple clothing- and take part to experiences such as zazen meditation, sand garden creation, Buddhist shojin-ryori cuisine, writing sutras, tea ceremony and others. There will also be plenty of time to understand, talking to the local monk, the relation between all these activities and Zen Buddhism philosphy.

Shojin-ryori is a vegan type of cuisine renowned for its incredibly refined taste and presentation - a real highlight of this monastery experience.

A simple, yet comfortable, overnight stay at this monastery is also included.

Take part to special activities such as sand garden design

Experience the daily life of a zen monastery by taking part to activities such as designing the famous sand gardens.

Taking part to these activities is a way to purify one's mind.

Have tea overlooking the sand garden.

Enjoy both nature and zen at their full extent

Surrounded by mountains, granting a great view of the night sky, Koshin-ji is the ideal place to relax, meditate or simply enjoy silence and nature at your own pace. Being the only guest, you are welcome to make use of the temple hall, as well as the surrounding garden and open air spaces following your natural rhythm.

Japanese historical monastery architecture

Recently renewed, this "shukubo" -monastery open to visitors- is a beautiful example of Japanese traditional architecture - from its simple yet comfortable rooms, to the elegant temple hall and garden, to the Japanese style bath house with a scenic view from the large hot bath.