Ehime Hiking and Wish-Fulfillment Journey on Mt. Ishizuchi

Last updated: 17 March, 2022

Hiking to Ishizuchi Shrine Joju-sha feeling the nature

A guide will lead you through Mt. Ishizuchi, which is full of nature and history. Climbing Mt. Ishizuchi, where God is believed to reside, has long been said to bring people closer to God. Enjoy a short hike where you can feel the nature as the guide leads you to Ishizuchi Shrine Joju-sha, which is located half-way up Mt. Ishizuchi. At Ishizuchi Shrine, a retreat experience is also offered.

This tour is a hiking course that is fully enjoyable to even beginners. On this tour, a local English-speaking guide who is familiar with the Ishizuchi area will give detailed explanations on the history and religion of Mt. Ishizuchi.

Enjoy the view of the Seto Inland Sea and mountains on a ropeway

Take a ride on the retro ropeway built over fifty years ago. You can enjoy a superb view of nature at 360 degrees. On a clear day, you can also look out over the Seto Inland Sea and the Mt. Ishizuchi cordillera on the way up.

Take a short hike up the side of Mt. Ishizuchi, where God resides

When you arrive at Sancho Joju Station on the ropeway, there is a magnificent view that overlooks the mountain from an altitude of 1300m! Before starting your hike, the guide will tell you stories about Mt. Ishizuchi and Ishizuchi Shrine. While listening to these interesting stories, you will set out on your hike up the mountain where God resides!

Receive a Shinto blessing by a Shinto priest at the Ishizuchi Shrine Joju-sha, located half-way up the mountain

As you climb up the mountain, you will arrive at a village where the atmosphere from long ago remains unchanged. At the "Ishizuchi Shrine Joju-sha" that stands dominantly there, you will receive a prayer from a Shinto priest. You will also pray for the fulfillment of your wishes at the shrine named "Joju," which carries the meaning of wishes coming true.