Ehime Shimanamikaido and Yumeshima routes: combine cycling with cruising along the Seto Inland Sea!

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Cycle through selected routes on both the Shimanamikaido and the Yumeshima cycling routes on high-performance electric assist bikes

Start your cycling tour at WAKKA, a stylish property on Omishima island - right in the middle of the Shimanamikaido cycling route.

Cycle along coastlines and spectacular bridges towards Ikuchishima and Innoshima, before taking the lesser known Yumeshima cycling route towards the more isolated area of Kamijima, accessible by a short ferry ride.

Move back to WAKKA in style on a private boat, from which you can see the islands through a different perspective.

Cycle along the best part of Shimanamikaido

Leave Omishima and cycle across Ikuchishima and Innoshima, stopping at the most panoramic spots as well as local shops and towns.

The islands without traffic lights

Take a detour from the main Shimanamikaido route to the lesser known Yumeshima route, taking you to Ikinashima and Yugejima islands, where the atmosphere of a remote island is still strong - they are known for being the "islands without traffic lights".

Plenty of time to take in the local sights by cycling through the local villages.

Transfer back in comfort and style by private boat

From the Yumeshima route, return to WAKKA by private boat, enjoying a different perspsctive on the islands and the spectacular bridges in the region.

Complimentary drinks on board.