Kagawa 【April to November only】Enjoy the island of food and art in the Seto Inland Sea! Teshima Cycling Tour

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Pay a visit to cutting-edge contemporary art. A trip to refine your senses on an island rich in nature.

Teshima, located in the calm Seto Inland Sea, is an island full of charm stemming from the concept of "food and art”.

In the past, agriculture and rice cultivation flourished on the island, taking advantage of the abundant water resources. The slopes overlooking the sea are covered with lush terraced rice paddies, and the rice, vegetables, and fruits grown here can be enjoyed as island delicacies.

What has made Teshima famous in recent years are the many artworks present on the island. The Setouchi International Art Festival, one of the largest contemporary art festivals in Japan, has made Teshima an island that attracts attention not only from Japan but also the world.

Our tour will take you on a cycling journey through the natural beauty of Teshima, where you will visit some of the most creative and sophisticated spots for food and art.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle, and go on an idyllic island trip.

A surprising and moving experience that will awaken your dormant senses awaits you.

Enjoy island cycling through the rich nature of Teshima.

Cycling on a nature-rich island in the calm Seto Inland Sea is truly an experience that will make you forget your daily life. The bicycles are equipped with electric power assist, so anyone can enjoy cycling without any difficulty. On the way, you will visit a spectacular spot where you can see the blue sea and lush green terraced rice fields. The spectacular view from here is a must-see!

Visit numerous contemporary artworks spread across the island.

With the Setouchi International Art Festival, many contemporary artworks have been created on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, Teshima included. Based on the theme of "using the most of what is there and creating what is not there," visitors to Teshima can enjoy unique and innovative artworks that make the most of the lifestyle and way of being of the islanders in the past.

Savour a local lunch made with fresh ingredients from the island.

One of the major attractions of Teshima that should not be overlooked is the island's gourmet cuisine. With its abundant water resources, Teshima has long been a central point of agriculture and rice cultivation. The creative local gourmet food made from the rice, vegetables, and fruits grown locally is best enjoyed on the island. One of the recommended ways to fully enjoy this island is to discuss the unique artwork you’ve just experienced over a delicious lunch.