Kagawa Shodoshima Island: the heart of Japanese soy sauce culture and folk art

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Take a look at the different aspects of this island: from its food culture to its unusual art museum

This large island in the Seto Inland Sea is home to many producers of diverse culinary products, from soy sauce to olive oil and somen noodles. Experience soy sauce production by visiting a century-old soy sauce artisan laboratory as well as by having a local lunch featuring a lecture -including tasting session- about the world of soy sauce. Visit the "yokai" art museum and learn more about these imaginary creatures that are part of the ancient Japanese folklore and have been made a work of art by some local artists.

Meet the world of "yokai" through a unique art museum

The yokai art museum is a vast collection of art works featuring yokai - imaginary creatures typical of Japanese ancient folklore that can be considered scary but harmless monsters or spirits. This niche aspect of Japanese culture is actually very much connected with Japanese philosphy and spirituality and there is lots to be learnt at this museum, where a fun audioguide even makes these imaginary creatures become your guides.

A lecture on soy sauce including tasting session

At a local restaurant, enjoy a specifically created menu using the many local products of the Shodoshima island. During lunch, get to know more about the long history of soy sauce production on the island. At the same time, try different types of soy sauce to understand the differences and the best pairings with each food.

Visit a soy sauce craftsman

One of the most representative Japanese products, soy sauce has a long history and its production has changed through the centuries.

Only a few places in Japan still follow the ancient production method, utilizing wooden barrels sometimes as old as 150 years.

A great insight into the history of this island.