Kagawa The fine art of bonsai and landscape gardens

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

The world of bonsai

Kagawa prefecture is known for being the largest producer of pine bonsai in Japan - in the capital Takamatsu, there are two districts that are home to dozens of bonsai craftsmen who have been producing bonsai throughout generations, taking care of thousands of bonsai trees that can be seen everywhere in this district at different stages of their growth, from the moment they are growing in the fields to the point they are maintained in elegant vases.

Combine a visit to one of these districts and a bonsai workshop at the craftsman laboratory with a visit to Ritsurin Koen, a vast and beautiful landscape garden with a strong link to bonsai history

Meet and learn directly from a bonsai craftsman

Visit one of the bonsai districts of Takamatsu, walk around its 60 bonsai laboratories with an expert and get to learn the fascinating history of this art as well as the long process to create a bonsai - a patient work that goes through generations.

Private bonsai workshop

At the elegant bonsai studio of one of the local craftsmen, be guided by a pro in making your own bonsai decoration. While bonsais cannot be taken outside of Japan, you will be "part of a bonsai life" by giving it a different shape and make it a perfect decoration for the elegant tea time at the end of the workshop.

Visit Ritsurin Koen, one of the most impressive landscape gardens of Japan

Visit Ritsurin Koen, the former residence of the local samurai lords.

This landscape garden is famous for the skills of its gardeners, who managed to make pine trees turn into the most interesting shapes over time. Many of the trees here have a long history and each one has been taken care just like a bonsai throughout the generations.

Relax with tea and sweets and visit the charming tea house at the center of the park, overlooking the pond.