Tokushima Enjoy the traditional culture and beautiful townscape developed side by side with nature! Tokushima, Yoshino River Walking Tour

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Let's feel the rich nature created by the river, and the lives of the people who live in it.

The Yoshino River is the largest river in Shikoku, running east to west through Tokushima Prefecture. Since ancient times, it has served as a transportation network for people and goods, and has formed a traditional culture centred on indigo dyeing and Japanese paper making.

Its stream has a reputation of being the clearest in Japan because of the wonderful scenery that changes with each watershed.

On this tour, you will visit two cities along the Yoshino River, Yoshinogawa City and Mima City, and enjoy the highlights of the Yoshino River in a single day.

At the Awa Washi Traditional Industry Hall, you can learn about the intricacies of washi paper making, a method with over 1300 years of history, and try your hand at it too.

The "Udatsu Old Street" in Wakamachi is lined with more than 80 traditional buildings, which will surely make you feel as if you have slipped back in time to old Japan. This is a great place to take in these unique and rare roof decorations.

In addition, you will also visit other places where we can enjoy the charm of the Yoshino River, such as a gorgeous house that thrived on indigo dyeing, and a low-water bridge from where we can see the crystal clear surface of the Yoshino River.

Let's go on a journey to see a side of Japan that you never knew existed.

You will be able to make your own original postcard with traditional Japanese paper.

Visit a factory that manufactures Awa Washi paper, a traditional Tokushima craft, and enjoy the experience of printing postcards. Awa Washi dates back over 1,300 years, but this is the only place in existence that specialises in the making of this washi paper. Here, you can make your own original postcard, which will surely make for a wonderful souvenir of your trip.

Enjoy the feeling of going back in time on streets lined with traditional architecture.

More than 80 traditional houses line in the "Udatsu Old Street" in Wakimachi, a nostalgic places that soothes the heart of visitors. The name “Udatsu” comes from the features of the walls used for fire protection, known as "udatsu", and many of them can be seen in Wakimachi town. Take a stroll around this castle town while admiring the unique “udatsu" of each house.

From this small bridge, you can see the crystal clear water of the Yoshino River up close.

The main attraction of our tour is experiencing the clear stream of the Yoshino River up close. You will visit a small bridge over the Yoshino River, which is low and has no parapets, from which you will be able to enjoy the peaceful scenery of the region. This is a good place to relax and enjoy the scenery, or to take beautiful pictures. This spot, known only to those in the know, is a must-see!