Tokushima Enjoy the charm of Tokushima that you can only experience here. Naruto Cycling & Walking Tour

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

The mighty whirlpools and the calm inland sea offer a plethora of contrasting seascapes

Naruto City, a port city facing the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, is located in the northeast of Tokushima Prefecture, and has long prospered from fishing and shipping industries related to the sea. The tidal whirlpools of Naruto Strait, a result of one of the three fastest currents in the world, have become a symbol of Tokushima and attract many tourists.

On this tour, you will use a rental bicycle to visit various spots in Naruto City where you can feel the charm of the sea in a single day.

Surrounded by land on all sides, the Uchinoumi Sea offers peaceful seascapes.

In the Naruto Strait, you will board a cruise ship to see the whirlpools up close, and enjoy the dynamic charms of the sea.

In addition, there are many other things to see and do in Naruto City, such as riding a ferry boat used by the locals on a daily basis, and tasting local food sourced from the nearby Naruto Sea.

Why not feel the nature of the sea, and the life of the people who live in it with us?

Board a cruise ship and see the Naruto Whirlpools right before your eyes.

The Naruto Whirlpools are one of the world's largest whirlpools, with a diameter of up to 30 metres, that appear in parts of the Naruto Strait. On this tour, you will board the cruise ship "Uzushio Kisen" and enjoy the experience of seeing these mighty whirlpools up close. During the cruise, our guide will explain the different views from the ship. and how the whirlpools are formed.

Cycle along the seaside while enjoying the scenery.

Enjoy a leisurely cycle to the whirlpool point using a convenient rental bicycle. Along the way, you will stop by old houses related to the salt manufacturing industry, a staple in Naruto since ancient times, as well as areas densely packed with fishing boats and fish farms. As you pedal along, delight in the spectacular views of the sea, and feel the real everyday lives of the local people in the midst of nature.

Taste delicious dishes made with local seafood.

After you’re done cycling, you will visit a popular restaurant where you can enjoy an excellent lunch with a view of the Naruto Strait. Fresh sea bream, and wakame (seaweed) harvested around the strait, which its fast currents, have a firmer texture than normal, and are highly praised for their unique taste. Eat your fill of seafood that can only be tasted here!