Tokushima Shikoku Pilgrimage on Folding Bikes

Last updated: 17 March, 2022

Cycle your way through a part of the Shikoku Pilgrimage on folding bikes

Go around the first five of the 88 temples associated with the Kobo Daishi in the Shikoku region, in the pilgrimage’s starting point in the Naruto area (Tokushima Pref.), while learning the basics of the pilgrimage from a tour guide.

Experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage by going around the first five temples!

Go around five temples while learning the basics of the pilgrimage from a tour guide. At the first temple, Ryozenji Temple, you can purchase pilgrimage-related goods like a nokyocho (book of seals). The goshuin (handwritten seals that prove you’ve visited and prayed at a certain temple) you receive at each temple will be a great reminder of your trip!

Go to local spots you wouldn’t be able to get to without a tour guide, and experience the actual path used in the pilgrimage!

You will also be taken around to historical spots with connections to Germany, such as the spot where Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was performed for the first time in Japan, and the Megane Bridge, which was designed and built by German soldiers; as well as the distinguished Oasahiko Jinja Shrine. The tour also takes you through the actual road used in the pilgrimage, which many pilgrims walked on while praying.

Savor local food recommended by the local guide!

In between bouts of cycling, you will be able to enjoy food from the area, recommended by the local guide.