Yamaguchi Discover the charm of a city on the edge of a strait that has witnessed so much history! Shimonoseki Walking Tour

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Learn about the history of Shimonoseki, experience its food culture, and enjoy spectacular views in a single day!

Shimonoseki, Honshu island’s westernmost city, is a popular tourist destination for its rich nature and seafood.

The Kanmon Strait, which separates Shimonoseki from Kitakyushu, has been a key point in the history of Japan, including the Battle of Sekigahara and the Shimonoseki War, which triggered the Meiji Restoration.

On this tour, you will take a local bus to each area of Shimonoseki with easy-to-understand explanations of the history that the city has witnessed.

First, visit Akama Shrine, Shimonoseki's most famous power spot, to learn about the mysterious legends and stories of the land.

For lunch, visit the lively Karato Market, where you will be able to taste the fresh seafood harvested from Seki's harbor.

Then, in Shimonoseki's castle town of Chofu, which is well-known only to those in the know, spend some time relaxing in a scenic Japanese garden.

At the end of the tour, with the dynamic panorama of the Kanmon Bridge below your eyes, a moving experience awaits you.

Let's take a walk around the city to discover the charms of Shimonoseki, a gateway city embraced by greenery and home to many delicacies, that connects land to sea.

Tour Shimonoseki's best power spots, shrines, and temples where local people gather.

There are numerous shrines and temples along the coast of Shimonoseki. One of the must-see shrines is the Akama Shrine, which is characterised by its vivid vermilion-lacquered pavilions. The beautiful scenery, which resembles a submarine dragon palace, soothes the hearts of visitors. In the precincts of the shrine, which is also Shimonoseki's largest power spot, our guide will carefully explain the legends and history of Shimonoseki.

Enjoy a lunch made with fresh seafood from Shimonoseki at Karato Market.

The vibrant Karato Market, a must-visit place when in Shimonoseki, offers a wide variety of fresh fish, including the famous torafugu (pufferfish). On this tour, you will visit a popular sushi restaurant located inside the market where you can savour a seafood lunch so exquisite that even the locals go out of their way to visit it!

Enjoy the spectacular views of Kanmon Bridge and the Kanmon Strait up close.

The Kanmon Strait, which separates Japan's Honshu island from Kyushu island, is synonymous with Shimonoseki. In the second half of the tour, you will visit the foot of the Kanmon Bridge, which spans the Kanmon Strait. In addition to the dynamic views of the sea, this place is widely known as the site of the Battle of Dannoura and the Shimonoseki War. Our guide's detailed explanation will provide an interesting experience for guests visiting Shimonoseki for the first time.