Yamaguchi A 360-degree experience of Yamaguchi, an attractive yet still unknown area in Western Japan

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Experience the culture-rich city of Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi prefecture is the real hidden gem of Western Japan: while having been far from the tourism radar until very recently, the Yamaguchi region has been a key player throughout many historical periods of Japan, being both a cultural haven during samurai time as well as the catalyst of the modernisation process of Japan in the late 1800s.

Today join a local guide and visit the stunningly beautiful temples and shrines of Yamaguchi city. Competing with those in Kyoto in terms of beauty and architectural value, they are set in a peaceful and serene atmosphere, still very much undisturbed by visitors.

Dive deeper into the local culture by exploring the local Kimono culture, the rather unique and somewhat surprising local dish Kawaraya Soba (soba served on a roof tile!) as well as the local Japanese confectionery and sake! A 360° experience of Yamaguchi!

Impressive temples and sceneries

Be guided by a local and visit some of the most impressive sights of Yamaguchi city, including Rurikoji temple: with its five-story pagoda it is a milestone of Japanese architecture from the middle ages. A must see for lovers of ancient Japan !

Luxurious kimono experience

Try on a beautiful Kimono of your choice in the exclusive setting of Saikotei, which used to be the luxurious restaurant of the Japanese political elite in the first half of the 20th century.

Tea time and cultural experience at a refined confectionery shop

Visit a cozy Japanese traditional confectionery tea house, where this refined Japanese tradition meets the well-known Japanese hospitality.

Make your own confectionery in a simple and fun workshop and enjoy your hand-made sweets together with some local tea, or one of the many coffee-based drinks if you prefer.

You can also finish off your tour by tasting a selection of the local sake at a modern Japanese-style bar, where drinks are served while you can rest your feet in the local onsen hot spring waters.