Yamaguchi Enjoy the different faces of Nagato: sea, mountains and onsen

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Activities focusing on sea, mountains and onsen

The city of Nagato is located in the northern part of Yamaguchi prefecture, surrounded by the Sea of Japan on three sides.

Nature is particularly rich in this area, offering a combination of both sea and mountain sceneries as well as onsen hot springs.

Combine the tour with an overnight stay at the famous Nagato Yumoto onsen town.

Cultural activities and onsen

Recently renewed, Nagato Yumoto Onsen offers great onsen facilities as well as a pleasant river side where visitors can enjoy strolling, relaxing, tasting local food as well as taking part in a tea ceremony.

Tasty balance between sea and mountains

Located on the Sea of Japan, famous for its top quality sea food, Nagato offers great fish and squid dishes, but is as famous for its meat products, with chicken skewers -yakitori- being one of the most famous local dishes.

Enjoy Nagato's sceneries on bikes

Choose your preferred bike type, from cross bikes to electric assist bikes, and start off to Omi-jima Island, in front of Nagato's coastline, linked to the mainland by a bridge. Here you can enjoy the nature and the beautiful coastlines, including hiking on the so-called "Marine Alps".