Hiroshima Exploring Onomichi's Must-See Spots & Shimanami Kaido Mini Cycling Tour

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

City, Mountain, Sea! A route packed with all the charms of the Seto Inland Sea, perfect for budding cyclists

Onomichi is a port town with many slopes surrounded by sea and mountains, and a well-known tourist spot where you can enjoy the charms of Setouchi. The Shimanami Kaido, which begins at Onomichi, passes through a number of islands en route to Shikoku, and is considered an essential cycling route that attracts cyclists from all over the world. In order to fully enjoy the charms the Seto Inland Sea presents, you will spend half a day exploring the picturesque streets of Onomichi, and the other half of the day island-hopping on a rental bicycle, in a route people from all skill levels can enjoy.

Onomichi's unique view of the islands of the Seto Inland Sea from the mountains has been favoured by many artists and writers, and has been the setting for many artistic masterpieces. There was a time when the shopping district was in ruins due to the ageing of the residents, but is being revitalised by immigrants who have noticed its charm. Enjoy a trip to Onomichi and learn more about some of its highlights, such as scenic spots and the local cuisine.

After exploring Onomichi, we will take you on a 15 kilometre mini-cycling tour. In total, the Shimanami Kaido is about 60 kilometres long; in order for people from all skill levels to enjoy cycling without getting lost or tired, our tour only covers the two islands next to Onomichi. Along the route, you will be able to enjoy some of the best parts of the cycling tour, including the experience of crossing a 1,270-metre long bridge, and enjoying delicious island sweet treats at scenic spots. On the way back, you can relax by taking a ferry ride to the starting point.

Our private guide will accompany you for the whole day, so you can visit many spots and enjoy many varied experiences without wasting any time, thanks to our carefully planned itinerary. Enjoy a full day of active sightseeing in the midst of spectacular scenery!

A ropeway “air walk”, and embarking on a ferry ride. You can enjoy the seascapes from the mountains, and the landscapes from the sea.

In Onomichi, you can experience the luxury of viewing the spectacular scenery unique to the Seto Inland Sea from both the mountains and the sea. The countless islands floating in the calm sea, the many ships passing by, and the beautiful bridges are some of the main attractions of this tour. Be sure to capture the scenery that can only be seen here both in your mind and in your photos.

You can enjoy a unique Onomichi stroll. Take in the atmosphere of narrow shopping streets, and soak in the scenery of a port town.

If you want to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the city, a stroll along the Onomichi Hondori Shopping Street is the way to go. Until a few years ago, this area was deserted, due to the ageing of its residents. However recently, thanks to its many young residents that have moved in, it has been once again regaining its liveliness. Savour this unique spot where the old and the new are mixed together, reborn after many eras.

Enjoy a mini-cycling tour for all skill levels by cycling along a part of the popular Shimanami Kaido cycling road.

The Shimanami Kaido, which connects Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, is a road that has become famous as an essential cycling spot in recent years. During the tour, you will board a boat with your bicycle and cross to Mukaishima Island, the starting point of the cycling tour, where you can pedal along in the sea breeze and visit the spots recommended by our guide.