Hiroshima Samurai cuisine from 500 years ago - a very unique cooking class at a special venue

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Get acquainted with a type of cuisine served to samurai 500 years ago with this cooking class

"Gozen" cuisine was served to exclusive guests by samurai families around 500 years ago. This type of cuisine was considered the top level of "omotenashi", or Japanese hospitality.

Try your hand at it by helping recreating some of these dishes in today's cooking class taking place at a temple in the small town of Mihara.

Recreate the taste from 500 years ago

The type of "gozen" cuisine served by the Mihara feudal lords has been studied by a researcher at Hiroshima University and can be recreated during today's class.

This can be a way to understand history through food.

Walking tour through the history of Mihara town

For a better understanding of the "gozen" cuisine, start off with a walking tour of some of the most meaningful historical remains of the town of Mihara.

A unique way to experience a local temple

A local temple will especially be open for your visit. After the cooking class, have lunch within the temple for an exquisite occasion to experience this unique venue.