Okayama A trip to meet nostalgic Japanese landscapes in Okayama and Tsuyama

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Machiya (townhouses), modern architecture, retro trains, and more; each era represents the different charms of Japan!

Tsuyama City, a peaceful town surrounded by mountains, is located in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture. Only an hour and a half by train from Okayama Station, it’s a perfect travel destination for those who want an experience off the beaten path.

Tsuyama is a castle town established in the 17th century, and its original townscape has been preserved to this day. Here, there are many spots that invoke a feeling of nostalgia for this old-school Japanese scenery. On this tour, our guide will take you to the best spots to experience a feeling of nostalgia in Tsuyama.

In the Joto Machinami Preservation District, more than half of the buildings still standing are traditional 17th century buildings. Going inside these buildings, you will surely be able to feel the lifestyle of the past through them.

At the Tsuyama Manabi-no-Tetsudo-kan (Railway Museum), valuable trains such as steam locomotives from past centuries will stir up your nostalgia.

On our tour, you will also visit a Japanese garden with over 300 years of history, and the ruins of a castle that overlooks the city.

Why not take a look at a different side of Japan in a city with a relaxed atmosphere?

You can enter a traditional building and feel the lifestyle of Japanese people of the past.

Tsuyama, a castle town established in the 17th century, is home to an area rare in Japan, where original streets built long ago still stand. On this tour, you will visit the Joto Machinami Preservation District, where 160 traditional buildings stand side by side for over 1 kilometre, an area where you can experience the nostalgic atmosphere and the lifestyle of Japan in the past.

The ruins of the castle, the symbol of Tsuyama, offers a spectacular view of the city.

Along with Himeji Castle and Matsuyama Castle, Tsuyama Castle is known as one of the "three great flatland-mountain castles" in Japan, and its tower is a viewpoint from which you can see the entire city. The rich nature and the well-developed castle town are in perfect harmony, creating a beautiful landscape that can truly be called an original Japanese landscape. Enjoy the unique scenery of Tsuyama to your heart's content.

You can see rare trains, like steam locomotives, that were once active.

The last stop on the tour is the Tsuyama Manabi-no-Tetsudo-kan (Railway Museum). This museum houses steam locomotives that were once active and a unique fan-shaped locomotive depot that was built in 1980. The museum not only offers tours, but also exhibits where you can actually operate the locomotive, making it a great spot for both adults and children.