Okayama A trip to Kojima, Kurashiki City to find the Setouchi Blue. Cycling Tour with fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Cycling along abandoned railway tracks and visiting famous jeans stores; Kojima is filled with unique activities

Kojima is a scenic port town located in the southern part of Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, and has prospered since ancient times as a strategic point for maritime traffic in the Seto Inland Sea.

Due to its geographical characteristics, the town has developed export-heavy industries, such as textiles, shipping, and salt manufacturing to meet the changing needs of the times.

On this tour, you will use a pedal-assist electric bicycle to fully enjoy the highlights of Kojima in a single day.

For our first activity, you will ride along an unusual bike path converted from a train track. Weaving through the houses and roads, you will feel like you yourself have become a train riding through the tracks.

Afterwards, at Washuzan Observatory, you will enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the sky and sea in all its lushness, and soon after you will visit Kojima Jeans Street, introduced in the Michelin Guide as the "jeans capital of Japan", a perfect place for jeans lovers.

In addition, you will also visit other spots where you can feel the history and daily life of the people living in Kojima.

Setouchi’s sea and sky, and jeans. Let's go on a journey of nature and industry connected by blue.

You can have a rare experience of cycling on the remains of a train track.

You can enjoy cycling on a special cycle road converted from the Shimotsui Electric Railway tracks. It is a truly exhilarating experience, breezing through the houses and roads along the 6 kilometre route, admiring the beautiful flowers along the side of the road, exchanging greetings with locals on a stroll, and enjoying a truly unique local experience.

You can enjoy spectacular views of the sea, and islands of Setouchi.

The tour will take you to Washuzan Observatory, a viewing spot with a spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea and the magnificent Seto Ohashi Bridge. The 360° panoramic view from the observatory is breathtakingly beautiful, and with our guide taking you to the best photo spots, it makes it the perfect place to snap a few pictures with the gorgeous background in frame.

The birthplace of Japanese jeans manufacturing, introduced in the Michelin Guide, where you can enjoy the individuality of each jeans manufacturer's products.

Kojima is known as a "city of textiles" due to its long history of active cotton cultivation; Kojima Jeans are one of the most famous products of Kojima. Kojima is said to be the birthplace of jeans “made in Japan”, and there are about 30 stores specialising in jeans in the town. Enjoy shopping in the “holy land of jeans”, a place irresistible to fashion lovers.