Okayama Hiruzen Highlands: a cycling tour through nature, history and food

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

Join a cycling tour of Hiruzen Highlands, on the mountain side of the Okayama region. Enjoy the impressive views and have an outdoor breakfast featuring the local products

Wake up early this morning to enjoy the pristine views of the mountains surrounding the Hiruzen highlands. Hop on an electric assist bike and follow your local guide through the local town streets, scenic countryside areas and farms, taking a look at the town starting a new day.

Learn more about the stories of this town.

Finish off with an outdoor pic-nic style breakfast using the best local products, some of which, such as milk and cheese, are unusual for Japan.

Guided tour through Hiruzen highland's nature

A privileged way of experiencing Japan's mountain landscapes: spend the morning cycling through these scenic highlands, still very far from the touristic maps

Pic-nic style breakfast from one of the most scenic spots

Admiring Hiruzen highlands' beauty from a scenic outpost, enjoy a locally made breakfast, featuring some of the famous dairy products of Hiruzen, including hand-made butter.

High quality electric assist bikes

To safely and comfortably cycle through the local countryside roads, pick your bike among a broad choice of modern and stylish electric assist bikes.