Hyogo Beyond the onsen: Experience Kinosaki on stylish bikes!

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

When visiting Kinosaki, go beyond the usual stroll along the main streets - hop on a cool electric bike to see plenty more of what this picturesque town has to offer.

Choose the vehicle of your preference between a stylish e-vehicle -International driving license required- or an electric assisted bike and follow a local guide for an insight into the local Kinosaki life: its temples, river and impressive nature, including the superb natural cave of Genbudo.

Finish off with a local Tajima beef lunch, a very close relative of the world famous Kobe beef!

Cool e-vehicles with a stylish design

Choose your favourite option among a stylish e-vehicle, an electric assisted bike or a high performance cross bike.

A complete view of the charming town of Kinosaki Onsen

①The backstreets of Kinosaki, away from the tourist radar

②Rice fields and surrounding countryside

③Cylcle along the scenic river

④Genbudo - an impressive natural cave and a real "natural monument"

Relax beyond the onsen

While Kinosaki is mostly famous for being the ideal place to relax at the onsen hotsprings, relax your mind as well with this cycling tour through its peaceful nature and backroads.