Hiroshima A cycling tour where you can enjoy the sights and tastes of the island

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Cycle around and enjoy a barbecue on Etajima with a local guide!

The Setouchi area, especially the Shimanami Kaido is popular for cyclists. The inland sea is full of beautiful idyllic islands, all with a deep history and culture rooted in them. In this tour, experience the beautiful contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the islands.

Explore the scenery and alleyways where you will see the lives of locals. You will be guided on an easy-to-ride electric bicycle, learning about the history and culture of Etajima, and will stop to enjoy a barbecue lunch while looking at the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.

An attractive island where you can enjoy leisurely island time (Island Cycling)

Local guides will take you down the local roads which are not listed in guidebooks. On these roads you can explore the charms of the islands, while learning about Etajima’s culture and history.

Indulge in fresh seafood and Japanese Wagyu beef with a superb background view of the Seto Inland Sea (Luxury Barbecue)

Enjoy a barbecue of locally sourced delicacies on a private beach while you admire the vast ocean landscape.

Relax and enjoy tailored ocean activities on your own private beach (Marine Activities)

Enjoy a special experience on your private beach, such as canoeing with a local guide, or octopus fishing with local fishermen.