Ehime Experience the lifestyle of living in a small mountain Village

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Experience the daily life of living in a mountain village!

Uchiko Town is a town that still retains its cultural and historical streetscape, and it is visited by many local and foreign tourists. The stone pavements around town give the atmosphere of the old period of Japan. Recently, foreigners are coming to visit places which have been transformed into tourist spots, and they are showing interest in the daily lives of local people. Everywhere in Japan cities, you can eat tempura and soba (buckwheat noodles). However, here, you will go harvest your own tempura ingredients and enjoy the soba noodles that you will make yourself.

Follow a local old lady to pick vegetables and make Tempura (Make Tempura with Seasonal Mountain plants)

Follow a local lady who knows where to pick seasonal edible wild plants. Learn from her how to make Japanese tempura after collecting all the ingredients.

Learn how to make soba noodles from the local soba master (Make Soba with your own hands)

You will learn how to make Soba, Japanese buckwheat noodle, in a noodle making workshop hosted by a local master.

Stay the night in the Japanese countryside and take a walk through nature

Stay in a 100-year-old house and experience Japanese culture. Also, the area is surrounded by mountains changing colors every season, and giving you the opportunity to also harvest fruits such as Japanese persimmons.