Kagawa A unique self-guided tour of Shodoshima’s hidden secrets

Last updated: 05 September, 2020

Have your journey coordinated by a couple who moved to Shodoshima after falling in love with the Island!

Shodoshima is an island popular for people to make for a 6 nights 7days pilgrimage. The pilgrimage route is extremely hilly, and the main temple is in a mountain cave. The organisers of this experience used to run a facility for pilgrimage tourists in Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture. But, since then, they have moved to Shodoshima and will showcase the charms of the island and show you its spiritual spots. You can experience mountain climbing, hiking, visiting temples, and performing the sutras.

Lead your own tour with the maps and materials in your own hands (Self-Guided Tour)

Discuss with the coordinators on how to best enjoy Shodoshima, and you will have a tailored itinerary based on your interests. The reservations and other needs will be taken care of by the coordinators.

Enjoy the journey of Shugendo which has been practiced since long ago.

Have your trip coordinated by a couple who have moved from Matsuyama, Ehime, after falling in love with Shodoshima. They will show you many stunning temples, and you will experience Shugendo, a unique sect of Buddhism that is closely connected to the island.

You can also travel with the coordinators

The coordinators are fluent in English. If you choose to travel with a guide, then they can show you all the parts of Shodoshima and the charms of the island. (Optional)