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Last updated: 17 March, 2022

Bonsai experience in Takamatsu City, sacred ground for Japanese black pine bonsai

At a well-established bonsai garden with more than 100 years of history, learn about the history and care of bonsai while being guided through bonsai seedling fields by the owner. You will see how to replant a bonsai, an essential part of bonsai care, and you will also experience how to wire branches and remove old leaves. Spend a very pleasant 3 hours listening to a detailed lecture on the key points in pruning unnecessary leaves and how to water bonsai. An irresistible experience for bonsai lovers.

Learn the history and care of bonsai from the fourth-generation owner of a long-established bonsai garden!

At Kitatani Yoseien, a venerable bonsai garden with more than 100 years of history, learn from the owner about the history and proper care of bonsai. You will also witness the repotting process —an essential aspect of the care of bonsai.

While enjoying a detailed lecture, you'll actually get to experience caring for the pine trees and cutting away old leaves!

Hands-on experience of wiring bonsai trees and removing old pine needles. Ask the owner, whose posts on YouTube about caring for bonsai have won many fans among bonsai lovers in Japan and abroad, about tips on how to care for and grow bonsai.

Take photos in the bonsai seedling field, where hundreds of bonsai seedlings grow!

During the experience, you can also enjoy taking photos in the bonsai seedling field where Japanese black pines and Japanese white pines grow before they are potted. Capture some heartfelt memories of your stay in Japan, and record scenes that you won’t see anywhere else.