Hiroshima A tour of Japan’s leading salt factories and sake breweries (one day or overnight tour)

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Enjoy the cityscape where the scenes of the Edo period still remain!

Takehara City flourished in the brewing and salt making industry since the early Edo period. Takehara is known as the “Little Kyoto” because it has a very beautiful cityscape, with old mansions of great merchants, historical temples, sake breweries and more. Stroll through the city in a kimono, tour the breweries, experience bamboo crafts... There are many Japanese culture experiences you can enjoy here. For lunch, visit a restaurant with a wide selection of local sakes and salts. Stay at a hotel in a renovated old Japanese style house where you can also participate in the experience of making salt.

Experience the old town (Kimono Fitting & Shopping)

In a renovated Edo era building called Takeraku, see the work of a professional dressing a young lady in a kimono and have a commemorative photo of you taken with her.

Visit the workshop of the skilled bamboo craftsmen (Bamboo Craftsmen experience)

Takehara Machinami Bamboo Studio, is located in a store renovated from an old storehouse. Here, you can make a handmade windmill, under the careful guidance of the master craftsmen. Even if it’s made of the same material, you can see the fascinating individuality that each person puts into their work, no two will ever be the same.

Visit a long established Sake Brewery (Sake lesson and tasting)

Under the guidance of the brewer, you will visit a sake brewery which people cannot usually enter. Taste five kinds of fine sake and, as a souvenir, receive a bottle (Ryusei, 720 ml).