Hiroshima Experience the Origins and Development of the Ancient Japanese Martial Art “Kyudo Archery”

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

In this hands-on experience you can learn the necessary etiquette and techniques of Kyudo Archery!

Kyudo is one of the main martial arts mastered by samurai. Kyudo, which literally means “Way of the Bow”, has been used since ancient times as a method for worshiping the gods, and is revered for its beauty and etiquette. Learn about these spiritual and historical connections as you are guided through Hiroshima castle, and experience this martial art first hand from learning its etiquette to trying to shot a real arrow in a Kyudo training space. Adults and children alike can enjoy the lessons of a specialised instructor. Here, you will experience the goal of Kyudo, obtaining the state of "shin-zen-bi", which means "truth-goodness-beauty". This state happens when the archer shoots the arrow correctly (truth) with virtuous spirit and attitude towards all persons and all things (goodness), and finally the beautiful shooting will come to realization naturally (beauty).

Take a guided tour of Hiroshima Castle when it is beautifully lit (Night Tour)

Your guide will lead you through the history of Hiroshima castle, its deep relation with greater Japan and the chronicles of warlord Mori, who was the first lord of the castle.

Drink the Sake that was dedicated to the gods in ancient Japanese Festivals (Sacred Sake Experience)

Since ancient times, Kyudo has included many displays of offerings in sacred rituals to the Shinto gods. Learn the proper etiquette while sampling this divine sake intended to purify one’s body.

Learn and practice Kyudo techniques with a specialised instructor (Fun Kyudo Archery Experience)

Usually in Kyudo, you cannot shoot an arrow until you have mastered the basics. But here, under the instruction of a specialised teacher, you can experience using a real bow and arrows to shoot a target in a safe, private area at your own pace.