Hiroshima A Tour of sake breweries in Saijo, some of Japan’s leading representative Breweries!

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Enjoy a sake tour of three famous sake breweries with your own local guide.

Saijo, in Hiroshima Prefecture, is one of Japan’s famous sake brewing towns, along with Nada in Hyogo prefecture, and Fushimi in Kyoto. Here, you can find 7 sake breweries within 1km walk from each other. The area is getting popular due to the recent sake boom in Western countries. Your guide will take you on a walk down the streets where vestiges of the past remain, and you will visit three characteristic sake breweries, learn about their history, and enjoy the sake that each brewery has made with care in their own way.

A special sake tasting experience at three carefully selected sake breweries (Luxury Tasting Party)

Learn about Japanese sake with a special sake tasting tour at three different styled sake breweries: one that sticks to traditional methods, one that challenges the modern taste, and one which is a regular winner at National sake competitions.

Walk through the cityscape where the historic atmosphere still remains (Sakagura-dori street Tour)

You will learn about the history of sake brewing in Saijo, which flourished as a post town during the Edo era. You can also observe the traditional Japanese style buildings which still remain from that era.

Taste local dishes prepared using Japanese Sake (Optional Bishu Nabe experience)

Indulge in Kamotsuru Shuzo Brewery’s “Bishu Nabe” hotpot, a local style hotpot which is made with Sake provided by breweries and restaurants at the annual Saijo sake festival.