Okayama Witness the hidden artistry of Japan’s strange ‘Naked Man’ festival.

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Unravel the mystery of the temple that attracts your heart with a strange festival and arts.

The Naked Man Festival held in Saidaiji Temple, Okayama City, is said to be one of the strangest festivals in Japan. It is held in February, and is visited by many tourists from Japan and overseas. Many old paintings (and folk tales) still remain at Saidaiji Temple, and by reading these, you can learn the story of the Naked Man Festival and the history of the temple. There are also many art works by world-famous contemporary artists on display in the precincts that you can visit. Finally, you can partake in the Gomakitou burning prayer ritual that prays for your various wishes.

Learn the history of the temple from one of the priests (History Scroll tour)

A high priest will use the old paintings of good fortune held on the temple grounds to explain various stories about the history of the temple and the Naked Man festival.

Pray with the priests (Gomakitou ritual experience)

You will write on a wooden tile prayers for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones. When you put the tile into the flames that the high priests are burning, they will pray with you to fulfil those prayers.

Make a bamboo lantern with a craftsman (Bamboo lantern making)

With the help of a professional craftsman, you will make a lantern out of bamboo. Those are high quality made and can be used as a beautiful interior design accent.