Okayama Stay at an inn on an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea (Opens in September 2020)

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Choose your own tailored accommodation in the centre of the Seto Inland Sea and enjoy your stay and good food!

The Kasaoka Islands are a group of 31 islands in the center of the Seto Inland Sea. Of the 31 islands, only 7 have people living on them. This time, you can choose from the following options: an inn and restaurant of a fisherman on Takashima Island, a vegan restaurant and inn on Shiraishi Island, or an inn run by an owner who loves occidental home style cooking on Obito Island. You can consult your own dedicated concierge about accommodation, meals, and any other experiences you would like to have.

A dedicated concierge with a selection of three unique dining experiences (Personal Tailored Experience)

You can tell the concierge your preferences, and you will receive information which tells you the features, ingredients, and cooking methods of each of the three restaurants. The concierge will also handle all requests and reservations that you may desire.

Consult your concierge for a tailored activity (Marine Activity experience)

There are many marine experiences available such as a fishing experience run by local Kasaoka Island fishermen, or sightseeing options such as stand up paddleboarding or sea kayaking where you can leisurely enjoy the sea!

Explore the island by walking with your own guide from the accommodation (Walk the Island with a personal local guide)

Spend a relaxing time strolling around the island you are staying, seeing the sights of the sea and mountains. You will have a local guide from the Island, so you can explore freely.