Okayama Re-dye and refresh your favourite clothes with Indigo dying in the Jeans District of Okayama

Last updated: 30 March, 2021

See the wonderful design and quality of Japanese Denim!

Kojima town, in Kurashiki City, once flourished in the past as a town of cotton cultivation, attracting craftsmen for sewing, weaving, dyeing and textile processing. Since the 1960’s, domestic jeans made from the local denim fabrics have been gaining popularity, and tourists from all over Japan and the world now come to visit the birthplace of Japanese Jeans. Here, you can visit a denim factory, and also experience indigo dyeing by re-dyeing your favourite clothes which you would have especially brought in.

Explore KOJIMA denim, a brand now famous around the world (Denim Factory Lesson)

You can visit a KOJIMA denim factory. Here, they cut, sew, dye and maintain the high quality that is “Made in Japan”.

Make your own unique garment (Dye your own clothes workshop)

Turn your favourite clothes into something even more original and special.

With the guidance of professional craftsmen, you will re-dye your own clothes that you will have brought in, and get a one-of-a-kind indigo dyed clothing item.

See the contrast between the Seto Bridge and the Setouchi Islands (Scenic drive)

While your clothes are finishing processing, you can drive to the best points of view in the region and see the Seto Inland sea, and the spectacular Seto Bridge.