Okayama Participate in a workshop and experience the power of the Japanese Taiko Drum.

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Learn and perform Wadaiko together with the Kurashiki Tenryo Taiko drum performance group!

Through history, drums were used as a tool to communicate during hunting, but over the years, they developed in the Occident as a musical instrument. However, in the Orient, they were not just musical instruments, but also a means of communication with the Gods. Wadaiko is a general term for percussion instruments that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times. After observing a professional Taiko drummers group performance, you can have a workshop session with everyone and learn to play on an actual Taiko drum yourself.

Learn the history of the drum in the Occident and the Orient (Wadaiko Lecture)

Learn the differences between the history and types of drums in the Occident and Orient, and learn about the Japanese Taiko in Japan.

Learn the basics of Taiko playing in a fun and easy way!

Watch a Japanese Drummers group performance, and learn from the professionals themselves (Wadaiko experience)

After watching the Kurashiki Tenryo Taiko group perform a powerful demonstration of the Taiko, you can learn to play for yourself in a workshop.

Play a song along with professional performers (Waidaiko Workshop and performance)

Create an unforgettable memory by learning the song from the workshop, and playing alongside the performers of the Kurashiki Tenryo Taiko group.