Kagawa Electric Bike Cycling Tour in Naoshima, the Island of Contemporary Art

Last updated: 15 March, 2022

Spend a whole day immersed in art, going around the Contemporary art spots located throughout the island

Get on an electric bike and enjoy a casual cycling tour in Naoshima, an island that beautifully combines art and nature. Experience the extraordinary feeling of being surrounded by art, amidst the light, refreshing winds of the Seto Inland Sea.

A casual jaunt through Naoshima, the island of Contemporary art, on an electric bike!

Go on a casual bike ride while enjoying the abundant nature and scenery of Naoshima. Enjoy the works of art located throughout the island, together with explanations from the tour guide, and take commemorative photos in the most photogenic spots.

Take a look at some of the best works in the Art House Project, which combines Contemporary art with traditional Japanese houses

Tour guides will take you around to and provide explanations for some of the best works in the Art House Project, in which traditional Japanese houses in the Honmura district, camouflaged in and located throughout the island’s everyday scenery, have been turned into works of art.

Visit the popular Chichu Art Museum, where you can “experience” art using your senses!

View works by 3 artists; Claude Monet, James Turrell, and Walter De Maria in Naoshima’s best-known museum - the Chichu Art Museum. Relax and experience the extraordinary.