Hyogo Shakyo (Buddhist Transcription) and Zen Meditation Experience at Kakurin-ji Temple + Local Hot Pot Tour

Last updated: 14 March, 2022

Experience Japanese culture in designated National Treasure, Kakurin-ji Temple, alongside the chief priests, then enjoy the local hot pot cuisine

Experience the extraordinary through shakyo (Buddhist transcription) and Zen meditation experiences at designated National Treasure Kakurin-ji Temple - a historical temple built under the order of the Shotoku Taishi in 589. This is a rare tour in which chief priests guide you around the temple, and at the end of which you’ll be treated to local hot pot cuisine within the temple.

The detailed explanations provided by the chief priests - derived from their extensive knowledge - as well as the Japanese-style hospitality offered in abundance, are great opportunities to learn about Japan and Buddhism, not just for tourists visiting the temple for the first time, but also for visitors who have experience going around temples and shrines. The depth of their insights, which range from topics like architecture to Buddhist statues and Zen meditation, are sure to satisfy your curiosity.

Go around Kakurin-ji Temple with the temple’s chief priests, as they explain the history and depth of Japanese Buddhism

Kakurin-ji Temple is home to two buildings that are designated National Treasures, that allow you a glimpse into the advanced construction skills/techniques and ingenuity seen in Japan at the time. The tour will provide these sort of construction-related explanations, with the priests also describing the history of the buildings and how they were used.

Experience the extraordinary in a relaxing environment through shakyo (Buddhist transcription) and Zen meditation

Experience a moment of quiet during the hustle and bustle of your travels. Focus on the “now” through shakyo (Buddhist transcription) and Zen meditation, and treat yourself to a meaningful moment of calm during your Japan travels.

Enjoy the local specialty Shojin Ecogawa hot pot, made with sake lees from Okada Honke and miso from Takamatsu Seidayu Roho.

Savor Buddhist cuisine made with miso and vegetables made/harvested near Kakurin-ji Temple, within the temple itself.