Ehime Ehime Nighttime Foodie Tour in Matsuyama

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

Experience Ehime's food and drink culture

A friendly local guide will show you around some restaurant and izakaya spots in "Matsuyama," where there is a rich mix of food culture. Also, at one of Ehime’s famous restaurants that is inaccessible to tourists alone, please enjoy some food and sake that can only be recommended in the local area. For the third activity, you will visit the "Haiku Bar" unique to Matsuyama, which is a city of literature and haiku poetry. There, you can enjoy a cultural exchange with the locals, while experiencing Japan’s distinct and profound "haiku culture," where poems consist of seventeen syllables arranged in lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

Drink and eat at three of Ehime's hidden izakaya and bar spots in three hours!

After meeting up with the tour guide, you will be led through the lively local shopping district. Make a toast at a small long-established izakaya, a hidden bar, and other famous establishments recommended by the guide!

You can enjoy the local food recommended by the locals!

Enjoy the local dishes such as Jakoten (minced fish tenpura), Iyo beef, and seafood that you should eat when you come to Ehime. You can also have a taste of the different sake made locally in Ehime.

Experience haiku with a master at the "Haiku Bar" where locals gather

Lastly, you will go to the "Haiku Bar" where you can have a unique experience. At the bar run by friendly locals, you can actually challenge yourself to writing a haiku, while learning about haiku poetry! A special service is also offered where the master will give you a pen-name according to your name and interests.