Kagawa Shodoshima photographic tour by chartered taxi

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

Take a chartered taxi on an elegant sightseeing tour of Shodoshima, surrounded by beautiful mountains and sea.

A chartered taxi will take you to a variety of photogenic spots on Shodoshima, including Shodoshima Olive Park; Kankakei Gorge, known as one of the three most beautiful valleys in Japan; Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio; and a popular art gallery.

Take a chartered taxi and tour Shodoshima in style!

A chartered taxi will take you on an elegant tour of the island of Shodoshima, so rich in natural blessings. Enjoy a drive through photogenic scenery while chatting with an experienced island driver.

Enjoy gourmet food made with olives and other Shodoshima produce!

At Morikuni, the only sake brewery on the island, enjoy tasting the local sake as well as gourmet food produced locally on the island.

Take photos to commemorate your trip at any of the countless photogenic spots on the island!

Shodoshima is brimming with picturesque scenery that will inspire you to photography, including the Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio, Kankakei Gorge, Shodoshima Olive Park, and more. Enjoy taking photos with your family, friends, and loved ones to remember your trip.