Ehime A sunset tour cruise where you can discover the beauty of the Setouchi region on a luxury catamaran yacht

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Be guided by a New Zealand captain who fell in love with the Seto Inland Sea.

The start of the trip is in Kamijima, where sailors who have sailed all the seas around the world have decided to settle down. Sailing on a private 60ft catamaran, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, the seaside town and the traditional charms of the Setouchi islands. The trip finishes with a sunset cruise overlooking the night view of Onomichi Port. On this tour, you will enjoy the beauty of Japan with a luxury cruising local guide from New Zealand who knows the area well. If you would like a bespoke tour, that can also be arranged for with advance notice.

See the Setouchi sunset from a luxury catamaran yacht (Sunset Cruise)

Seeing the sun setting into the Seto Inland sea from a luxury catamaran yacht is a once in a lifetime experience, a memory that you will never forget.

Visit one of Japan’s greatest shrines which houses the largest collection of Samurai weapons and armors.

Visit Oyamazumi Shrine, one of the 4 greatest shrines of Japan, which has a treasure house with historically important and famous Samurai armors and swords, and has a 2600 years old camphor tree.

You can also enjoy food on the boat if you book in advance.

An island chef can prepare a meal from fresh local ingredients to enjoy on the catamaran while cruising.