Yamaguchi Insightful Cycling Tour Around the Historical Sites of Hagi

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

Explore the turbulent history of the Edo period and the modern age and enjoy the finest sceneries

On a bicycle, you will take a trip down the history of Hagi, which has undergone the turbulent history from the late Tokugawa period to the Meiji period. On this tour, a guide will first enlighten you about the history of the late Tokugawa period at a private school that produced many eminent figures in the Meiji Restoration. Next, you will deepen your knowledge about the late Tokugawa period with an exhibition of an old clan school. Passing through the castle town where houses of eminent figures are lined side by side, you will also enjoy the elegant architecture of the dwellings in the Edo period. After this, you will take a break at a cafe that overlooks a Japanese garden. On the trip back, you will lastly take a swift cycle through the former site of Hagi Castle and along Kikugahama Beach, which overlooks the Sea of ​​Japan.

Experience modern history while gazing at a historic private school where eminent figures studied

You will rent an electric bicycle and first head over to Shoin Shrine. There, you will find a private school that taught many of the historical figures who promoted the modernization of Japan. You do not have to know about the modern history of Japan as the guide will explain it to you clearly.

Understand all there is to know about the turbulent history from the Edo period

Next, you will make your way to an old clan school where the sons of samurai studied. The guide will explain things as you go through an exhibition about the history from the Edo period to the Meiji period. After this, you will cycle through the castle town, and then enter the Kikuya Family Residence, which was home to merchants in the Edo period. Here, you can imagine the elegant lifestyle that was lived at the time.

Enjoy the beautiful sceneries from a Japanese garden to the beach

At a cafe with a Japanese garden, you will take a break to have some tea and sweets while looking over the garden. Next, you will head over to the site where the Hagi Castle once stood. You can enter the vast park of the castle’s former site on a bicycle, so have a cycle through while looking at the beautiful sceneries there. On the way back, you will lastly cycle swiftly along the beach.