Hiroshima Learn from master brewers on the Saijo Sake Tour in the heartland of Japanese sake

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

In the birthplace of ginjo-shu sake, learn the traditional method of sake brewing from master brewers, and experience its flavor.

Sake has been brewed in Hiroshima for generations since Sensaburo Miura, the "father of ginjo-shu," was the first in Japan to brew ginjo-shu sake. While touring Saijo, renowned for its sake, you can learn about the history of sake and observe production processes in an actual operating brewery with a toji (master brewer).

Walk the streets of Saijo, one of Japan's three most famous sake-brewing regions

This tour will take you on a stroll through the streets of Saijo, one of Japan’s three most famous brewing regions since the Edo period, to learn why sake brewing flourished in this area.

Enjoy Higashi Hiroshima delicacies and try delicious Japanese sake!

This is the only place you’ll find bishu nabe, a sake hotpot made with seasonal ingredients, simply seasoned with sake, salt, and pepper! Enjoy the unique specialty of this town of sake, born from the sake brewing industry. Afterwards, stop by one of Saijo's leading sake breweries to taste the Japanese sake that satisfied the President of the United States!

Visit the brewery that brews the sake that the President of the United States enjoyed, while listening to commentary from master brewers.

A special tour of a brewery in Saijo that is not normally open to outsiders! As you walk around the brewery, a master brewer at the brewery will explain the processes involved in producing modern sake. This original experience is sure to tickle your intellectual curiosity, as you see firsthand and learn from professionals about the unknown processes involved in producing Japanese sake.