Hiroshima Experience making a foil-stamped fan using special brass foil

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

Learn unique, innovative Japanese metal leaf paper techniques

At the Rekiseisha factory, where a chimney still stands defiantly after the atomic bombing, you can learn special foil stamping techniques and try your hand at making foil-stamped fans using the company's own special brass foil, which is used all over the world. More resistant to rust and deterioration than real gold leaf, it creates fantastic souvenirs of Japan that last for a long time. The session takes place at a factory with a history of over 100 years, which began as a sword merchant and is now the only place in Japan that produces metal leaf for foil-stamping. This atelier-like factory is built with scrap wood from the atomic bombing, giving visitors a sense of the history of Hiroshima. Learn special foil stamping techniques from artisans that can also be used for modern interiors, and try your hand at foil-stamping on fans. As a souvenir of your trip, take home an original fan created with the delicate techniques learned from the artisans.

Visiting Rekiseisha's atelier-like factory, where a chimney still stands after the atomic bombing.

Before the session, tour the factory, which resembles an atelier, built with scrap wood from the atomic bombing. Get a sense of the history of Hiroshima.

Try your hand at making your own fan while learning special foil stamping techniques!

After the tour of the factory, you will finally have the chance to learn how to make a beautiful folding fan from an artisan! Make an original, beautiful folding fan, delicately finished with brass foil using patented special technology, as a souvenir for your trip!

After making the fan, leave the factory and tour the showroom!

After the fan-making session, a guide will show you around the showroom. You’ll really get a sense of the history of this company, which was founded over 100 years ago as a sword merchant.