Okayama Walking Tour in Osafune, the "Holy Land of Japanese Swords"

Last updated: 10 March, 2022

Learn about the charm of Japanese swords alongside a guide at the Japanese sword museum

This is a culture tour where you will learn about the beauty and charm of Japanese swords, while completing quizzes and listening to explanations from a guide at the sword museum of Osafune, which is the holy land that has produced around 60% of Japanese swords. In the first half of the tour, you will learn about how Japanese swords are made, what varieties they come in, their history, and other such matters, while looking at real Japanese swords. In the second half of the tour, you will closely observe the work that is done by the craftsmen in the museum workshop. You may ask the craftsmen questions as the guide will act as your interpreter.

The museum guide explains the charm of Japanese swords with quizzes

Alongside the museum guide, you can fully enjoy the charm of Japanese swords by exploring a variety of matters from the history of how Japanese swords are created and why Osafune became the holy land of Japanese swords, to the culture and spirituality that are associated with the Japanese people and Japanese swords.

Take a close look at Japanese swords that date back more than 500 years, and experience the "beauty" of Japanese swords

At the sword museum, the theme changes periodically, and more than thirty Japanese swords are on display at all times. The museum also houses many precious Japanese swords that were made over 500 years ago and are designated as important cultural properties of Japan. There, you can closely see the charm of Japanese swords, which are not only tools for fighting but also beautiful as works of art.

Observe the work of the craftsman who make Japanese swords at the workshop. You can ask the craftsmen questions through the guide!

Next to the museum, there is a workshop where craftsmen make Japanese swords. Even now, there are craftsmen who work there every day. By observing the scene of the craftsman at work and having the guide interject as an interpreter, you will be able to ask questions about what the craftsmen are particular about, what their upbringing was like, and other such matters!