Okayama Seto Ohashi Bridge Sightseeing Flight

Last updated: 04 March, 2022

Look out over Seto Ohashi Bridge in a light aircraft.

Get a view of Seto Ohashi Bridge and Seto Inland Sea from the sky, in a light aircraft! The aerial view is stunning, and the experience is sure to be something you won’t forget!

Get a view of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and the Seto Ohashi Bridge in the privacy of your own space!

Seto Ohashi Bridge is the most famous symbol of the Seto Inland Sea. The view from the sky, looking down upon this bridge, is absolutely stunning. Experience the splendor of Seto Ohashi Bridge amidst a backdrop of emerald green ocean!

Fly through the sky in a light aircraft!

Enjoy a trip through the skies in a light aircraft flown by a professional pilot. The “floaty” feel and nerves that come from being in a light aircraft are once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Experience one of the world’s best sightseeing flights!

Sightseeing flights are a very rare experience, even on a global scale. Okayama Prefecture is so often sunny that it is referred to as the “Hare no Kuni (Nation of Sun),” and is blessed with the gentle climate of the Setouchi region. Enjoy a sightseeing flight in an exquisite location!