Kagawa Meet Japanese traditional craftsmen on a cycling tour

Last updated: 02 September, 2020

Observe the work of traditional craftsmen and experience making your own original piece

In Japan, one of the tools to enjoy the hot summer atmosphere is a round fan called Uchiwa. Wearing the traditional yukata (summer wear resembling to a kimono) and geta (wooden sandals) while holding a fan to go see the fireworks is still a summer tradition. You can experience making your own fan in Japan’s biggest Uchiwa fan production city, Marugame! You can even more enjoy making memories of your trip by visiting, your fan in hand, the Marugame Castle, which has the tallest stone wall in Japan, and the beautiful Japanese garden Nakatsu Manzoen where you can feel Japanese atmosphere.

Tour with a local guide (cycling tour)

With the help of a local guide specialized in the area, enjoy the comfortable breeze while cycling around the touristic attractions of Marugame City such as Marugame Castle and Nakatsu Manzoen.

Traditional craftsmen teach you (Original fan making experience)

After observing a variety of fans from everyday items to artistic works, enjoy the experience of making an original fan under the guidance of a craftsman.

Indigo dyeing craftsman teach you (Original indigo dyed piece making experience)

Listen to stories about indigo dyeing at the craftsman's workshop and enjoy dyeing a handkerchief, scarf or a T-shirt in the indigo dyeing experience.