Sanuki Glue Dyeing Experience

Try your hand at Sanuki Norizome, a traditional technique of fabric dyeing from Kagawa Prefecture, at Yoshinoya, a long-established workshop that specializes in the art form. This resist dye technique involves using a sticky rice paste (nori) to create patterns on fabric before it is dyed or painted. You can dye tote bags during a hands-on class at the workshop which dates from the late nineteenth century. During the Edo period (1603–1867), the craft of Sanuki Norizome flourished in Takamatsu, in the artisan quarters of the castle town. Experience the colorful craft heritage of Setouchi by trying Sanuki Norizome for yourself.

Basic Infomation

  • Address
    277 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
  • Hours
    9:00 to 20:00
  • Closed
    No regular holidays
  • Admission
    3,000 yen per person
  • Time Required
    40 minutes
  • Meeting Place
    Dye Master Yoshinoya
    277 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
  • Experience Location
    Dye Master Yoshinoya
    277 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa